Providing information and support for head and neck cancer patients, their carers, relatives and friends.


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Mouth Cancer Awareness

Hello Everyone

Firstly, many, many thanks to all H2G members who came along to man the stalls at the West Wing at the JR.  I think everyone enjoyed the experience, and hopefully we managed to raise some awareness of mouth cancer.

I learned a lot from listening to Head & Neck Macmillan nurses, Susie Johnson and Vanessa Linton as they talked to members of the public, advising and informing people who had concerns. They are highly skilled, and I know many of us have benefited from their expertise.

Barry Willsher from Heads Up also came along and talked to people about the charity and its work.

Wednesday was rather exciting! At lunchtime ITV Central South News, Fox FM and BBC Radio Oxford News arrived to interview various people. If you watched ITV news, you would have seen Ralph Goodson being ‘examined’ by ENT surgeon, Rogan Corbridge. The clip is available below. Steve Bond from Oral Surgery was also interviewed. Here you can see Susie’s interview, but, unfortunately, that ended up on the cutting room floor! Patsy Williams and I were interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford and Fox FM respectively, as was Steve Bond.

It was gratifying that the public were so interested in the information, many took leaflets, and hopefully the media have played a large part in raising awareness this week.

The evenings on Thursday and Friday at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine were fascinating. Heads2gether members mingled with audience and speakers before the talks, helping to raise the profile of Heads2gether. There were talks by Steve Bond and Reg Anand from Max Fax, Rogan Corbridge from ENT, Amanda Salisbury and Chris Alcock from Oncology, Chris Potter, Head & Neck Interface Fellow, and Stephan Feller, the Research Scientist working for Heads Up.

The audience was mainly dentists, GPs and dental nurses (one of whom spent most of the time hiding behind her scarf as the more graphic pictures were displayed). We were also treated to a ‘video nasty’ of an operation – amazing!

Many thanks must go to Lizzie Thompson for all her hard work organising the week’s events. Hope you managed to get your feet up and relax at the weekend Lizzie!

Ralph Goodson was at the JR every day – thanks, as always, to him for all his hard work, organising rotas and keeping everyone informed. A relaxing weekend for you Ralph I hope!

I hope this was of interest to you. Keep watching the website for information and updates.

All the best to all,

Glenda Boulter

Social Secretary

Click here to listen to Glenda’s Fox FM Interview

Click here to listen to Steve Bond’s Fox FM Interview


Click the picture to watch the Central TV Coverage


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